The company was established by the founder Mr. Muhammad Yousuf in 1992 with the wise vision to provide our clients the reliable products & services for their specific requirements. The main goal of the Sonet engineering is still the same and improved as the time passed by, this is the reason that makes Sonet different from others. Sonet always learn from the feedbacks of clients to improve the quality of our product & services. Since the genesis, Sonet engineering has always worked tirelessly towards achieving excellence in engineering solutions and complete customer satisfaction earning the distinction of being one of the most reliable and customer-oriented equipment & solutions provider in the markets we serve.


To offer quality products & services to our customers and to be the leader in power and industrial engineering solution provider by establishing a loyal customer base through customer-focused employees who have the knowledge to provide fast and efficient services.


To exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them the reliable products & services through our experiences and to always strive for the innovation.

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We always strive to provide the reliable, efficient & cost-effective projects to many local and multinational companies on turnkey basis. We are committed to follow engineering code of practice/standards at the top and client’s ultimate satisfaction.
Sonet engineering proudly acclaims to provide the best services in Electrical and power solution to the clients. Our commitment with client is also backed up by extensive technical support, after sales service and comprehensive level of stock, for immediate response to customer’s requirements.


Quality has been the cornerstone of our business since our journey began 25 years ago. We are committed to continuously improving our products, services and business processes to exceed customer expectations and requirements. To reinforce this commitment, we continuously develop our skilled workforce and implement strategic supplier partnerships to support our investment in growth, sustainable business practices and continuous product innovation.

R & D

Adopting best practices, embodying innovation, mutual outside-in improvement through exemplary handling of stakeholder requirements, approaching all matters with open minds, focusing on people growth & development, seizing any available opportunity, adaptable & flexible attitude with all arising issues, as Well as continuous improvement in all spheres of our business.


Sustainable Development for Sonet means leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment and helping our customers do the same – enabling their businesses to become more productive by providing products and solutions that use resources more efficiently.