Static Battery Charger


SONET'sstatic battery charger keeps batteries charged to their maximum capacity at all times. It is designed for permanent battery connection and can be DIN rail or chassis mounted. The charger includes a normal or overload condition LED indicator on the front to assist with status identification. The charger operates during cranking and running and accepts multiple AC voltage connections.

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Key Features

  • Extents battery life up-to 30%.
  • LED indications.
  • Highly reliable for extreme temperatures
  • Protection for short circuit, reverse polarity and over charging

Product Specifications

  • Model:SBC-6A
  • Maximum amperes:6 Amperes
  • Input voltage:220V-AC
  • Output voltage :12-14V-DC
  • Power supply:180-260vac ~ 50/60Hz
  • Panel mounted:Yes
  • Temperature:30 ~ 70°C
  • Humidity:0-90 (Non condensing)
  • Weight :462g