Auto Mains Failure Module


SONET's automatic mains failure control module designed to provide advanced load share functionality for diesel and gas generatorsets that include nonelectronic/electronic engines. The module provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features. The module constantly monitors the mains (utility) supply and when the power cuts from mains it automatically starts the generator set in seconds. Module gives you the option for varies settings including crank gap, cooling run, crank time, crank attempts and cooling run.

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Key Features

  • Test operation.
  • Multifunction selector.
  • Remote start signal.
  • Five variables for different settings.
  • Also capable for manual operations.
  • Safety for auto shut down if any fault occurs
  • Individual indications for errors and functions.

Product Specifications

  • Model:AMF-100Y2007
  • Dimensions:96mm x 96mm
  • Continuous voltage rating:8v to 35v
  • Operating current:12mA at 12/24v
  • Maximum operating current:50mA at 12/24v
  • Alternator input range:75v (L-N) to 333vac (L-N)
  • Start & fuel output:1.2A DC
  • Auxiliary output:1.2A DC