Motorized Change Over Switch


SONET's SM-IV motorized change-over switch is designed to transfer load automatically and manually from one power source to another in 1-3 phase applications. Device monitors mains and generator control phase voltage for switching of power. In case if there is the mains control phase voltage, the device connects the load circuits to the mains inputs. If the mains control phase voltage is lost, the device comes to the mains inputs. In case if, there is the generator control phase voltage (while mains control phase voltage is absent), the device connects the load circuits to the generator inputs. If the Auto mode switch in the OFF position, user could switch the load circuit connection between mains and generator input manually..

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Key Features

  • High short circuit breaking capacity.
  • Reliable motor operator mechanism.
  • Built-in M.O.R (Manual Over Ride).
  • Auto reset in case of breaker trip.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compact design.
  • Mechanically & electrically interlocked

Product Specifications

  • Model:SM-IV
  • Rated current:63A
  • Switching poles:3 & 4
  • Network type:AC
  • Continuous voltage rating:230/400v 50/60Hz
  • Phase:Single and three
  • Temperature:-25 to +70°C
  • Voltage rang:127v to 250v
  • Weight:2.1kg