SONET's molded case circuit breakers developed and manufactured by adopting international advance technology. It is supplied with rated insulating voltage 660V and used for circuit of A.C 50Hz, rated operating voltage A.C 380v (or below), rated operating current up-to 1250A for infrequent over and starting motors. Equipment with the protection devices for over current, short circuit and undervoltage, the product is capable of preventing damage of circuit and supply unit. The product conforms to GB14048-2, IEC60497-2 standards

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Key Features

  • Protection against overload.
  • Field-installable accessories and one-click auxiliaries
  • High performance components for switching.
  • Compliance with specifications of international standards

Product Specifications

  • Model:HYMC
  • Rated current:100A to 1250A
  • Switching poles:3 & 4
  • Network type:AC
  • Temperature:-25 to +70°C
  • Voltage rang:127v to 250v